SITL SWARM, how can I generate more than one instance? very grateful to your help

hi !
i want to have my rovers runs in a team, before that I’d like to sitl the swarm function, but i can’t generate 2 or more virtual rover. I found some vedio about swarm sitl, but "xxx.bat"document to generate some vitual drones could’t be find.

I write a .bat to open two APMrover2.exe, but there is another problem is: APMrover2 just open 0.1s, and closed itself, I don’t know what happens

and l open the APMrover2.exe is not be open too
the document path is :C:\Users\lmy\Documents\Mission Planner\sitl\APMrover2.exe
seems be download when i enter the simulator

l just found a .py to generate some instance, but l’m confused about how to run the file.

that script runs from inside MP. on the flightdata tab there is a script option. use the buttons in there

HI! Mr.Oborne
very grateful for your help!
but I faced with other problems now:

1.Unable to link because the target computer actively rejected (it can connect one instance, but can’t generate the second instance, maybe some problems with my computers TCP/IP)

2.after the sitl launch, it seems always BAD AHRS use the script to generate instance to SITL
( but use the simulation tab to simulate a rover the bad ahrs is disappear)