SITL Simulator (Software in the Loop)

I am having troubles operating my simulator, i have downloaded both MAVPROXY and Cygwin and follow the steps but both are not in sinc, Mavproxy opens but the map is in a random place and the app crashes wehni try to zoom out the map .

What else can i do ?

you can provide more details. those are not enough.

I’m using SITL for windows , following the steps for the simulator on the ardupilot website and still doesn’t work

what errors are you getting? What isn’t working?

when i type" cd ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter
…/Tools/autotest/ --map --console"
into the Cygwin 64 terminal is says no such file or directory , the

type in ln -s before the rest of the command. so
cd ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter
and then ln -s /Tools/autotest/ --map --console