SITL Simulation of older releases

Hi all,

I’d like to compile an older release for SITL-Matlab simulation. Because 4.1.0dev is changing and still in development and i also want to compare it with flight data which used an older firmware version. I’ve followed this guide to get an older firmware version: Compiling older releases from repo
First i had errors when building the firmware, i’ve fixed it by setting the cygwin parameters gcc-core, gcc-g++ and libgcc to the 9.3.0-2 version. With these steps i was able to compile everything and MAVProxy starts but i can’t get a connection between MAVProxy and Matlab. I get an Error Message which says: [WinError 10061] No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it sleeping. I’ve deactivated my firewall and anti-virus-software but it didn’t help. Does someone has an idea?

Greeting and thanks in advance!

hey bud, boy all that work and it still don’t work? BUMMER! Check out my petition to solve this problem of yours!