SITL simulation doesn't work

Hi, I’ve been trying to run the simulation by choosing plane but the error below shows up everytime: (I’ve tried updating the application so many times, and to install an old version of it and yet it still does not connect) I’ll be grateful if anyone could help me

PANIC: Failed to load defaults from “C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Mission Planner\sitl\default_params/plane.parm”

Running: sh 21516 >dumpstack.sh_ArduPlane.21516.out 2>&1
Running: sh 21516 >dumpcore.sh_ArduPlane.21516.out 2>&1

Are you running it under windows ?
Are you admin on the machine ?

I’m using Windows 10

Do you have rights to the Documents/Mission Planner/sitl folder ?

Is there sitl/default_params/plane.parm file ?

Yes there is, I checked it that too

Both still versions stable and dev gives this error ? Copter and Plane both ? Are you using 64bit OS?
(trying to rule out issues with the sitl image)

Hi, sorry for being late. Yes both versions give the error and non of the firmwares work not just Plane. Yes it’s 64bit

ı fixed using this