SITL -- Simulated quad appears in wrong location

When I launch SITL to test the antenna tracker, as soon as I click on the simulated quad, the quad appears in Australia (Somebody said it is Tridge’s house). Even though I set the TRACKER HOME at BC in Canada by dragging the green tear drop icon on the mpa, or by right clicking at my home location in BC , the QUAD still appears in Australia. See attached.

The last message in the screen shot “Waypoint low” did not appear before. Any clue ?

If the quad takes off sveral thousand miles away, tracking is impossible.

Appreciate if anyone, particular the developers suggest a sure and proper way to position the vehicle in SITL mode.

Thank you.

start the quad with -l lat,long,alt,heading

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your reply. I have been using the “Mavlink” and “Arm and takeoff” buttons only.

I checked again all the other green buttons in the “Temp” window, the nearest is the “NMEA” button which

did not help.

How do I start the quad with lat, long, alt and heading ? Where do I input these data ?

Also what is -l ?

Thanks a lot.


How are you launching SITL?

In mission planner use the set home here button and launch, you should see the copter appear at your home location.

If launching from the command line add to the command -l lat,long,alt,heading

These are the steps I follow to launch SITL :–


run SITL :–

  1. Connect AT controller
    to PC Mission Planner via telemetry radio. Don’t click “connect”

  2. Click “Simulation

  3. Choose vehicle

  4. Top right hand corner
    changes from “connect” to “disconnect”, and COM port changes
    to “TCP”

  5. Press “Ctrl –F”
    . If “temp” windows does not pop up, drag the whole windows
    up/down a bit, then Press “Ctrl-F” again, “Temp” windows
    will pop up immediately. Otherwise, you have to wait for few minutes
    before trying to press “Ctrl-F”.

  6. Click “Mavlink”.
    “Serial output -Mavlink” windows pops up.

  7. Select COM port and
    set speed to 57600, make sure the tracker has booted, then click
    “Connect”, followed by long beep.

  8. Quad appears on AT

  9. Wait
    for 2-3 seconds, then click “Arm and takeoff”

  10. Then select
    whatever mode to fly in “Actions” tab under HUD.

    But from time to time, when I launch SITL, the copter appears over in Australia (step 8 above not true), and it takes me tons of effort to position it back to Canada. After that, I do not know what I did to succeed because I tried many many different ways.

I used the set home button many times in MP in VARIOUS STEPS in my above procedure, but it did not work out. If you have time, can you please try to do it once and tell me the steps ?



On the simulation screen, before you choose your vehicle, zoom out on the map, look for the green home icon and grab it with the mouse and drag it to your intended home position.

Thanks Andras. Your advice works. I did these in wrong order before.