SITL - Plane not moving (doesn't take off)

I am using mavproxy with mavlink (on a virtual machine running Ubuntu). I managed to set everything up
and I can run the plane simulation successfully using the test mission: CMAC-toff-loop.txt

This is the commands I used to initialize the filght: --console --map --aircraft test wp load ../Tools/autotest/ArduPlane-Missions/CMAC-toff-loop.txt mode auto arm throttle

Then the plane would take off and do it’s planned mission.
The problem I have is when I create a mission file using Mission Planner (with all the waypoints etc) and
I follow the exact same instructions as above, the plane does not take off.

The only thing that I changed is the home location, which I added to the locations.txt file. The new home location works and moves the plane to the correct place, but the plane doesn’t move at all.

Any ideas on why this could be happening?

I suspect you don’t have auto takeoff setup as the first waypoint i.e. NAV_TAKEOFF. You would need to attach a log for us to determine what the issue is.
Thanks, Grant.