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SITL params for boat

(Thorsten von Eicken) #1

Does someone have some SITL boat params they’re willing to share, possibly with a sample mission? I’m interested in developing control algorithms for a high speed hydrofoil boat to drive over ocean waves without smashing into them and I’m trying to figure out whether I can use ardurover & SITL to simulate this (obviously not out of the box). It would be nice if I could start with some half-way reasonable SITL set-up as opposed to having to come up with my own right off the bat… Thanks!

(Khancyr) #2

we don’t have model for boat currently, so the closer is rover. The problem is more the model of the sea that the boat one’s

(Thorsten von Eicken) #3

Thanks for the reply. A decent model for a high-speed boat is rather complex too…