SITL params for boat

Does someone have some SITL boat params they’re willing to share, possibly with a sample mission? I’m interested in developing control algorithms for a high speed hydrofoil boat to drive over ocean waves without smashing into them and I’m trying to figure out whether I can use ardurover & SITL to simulate this (obviously not out of the box). It would be nice if I could start with some half-way reasonable SITL set-up as opposed to having to come up with my own right off the bat… Thanks!

we don’t have model for boat currently, so the closer is rover. The problem is more the model of the sea that the boat one’s

Thanks for the reply. A decent model for a high-speed boat is rather complex too…

@khancyr can we create a boat model for Morse simulator with help of blender and morse builder script , we can make a sea environment for boat in morse simulator with default sea model made in blender 3d , and can be same for planes and copter. am I right ?

I am not used to MORSE, it should be possible