SITL & MAVproxy (for ArduPlane) doesn't make it to command input

Hi folks,

I’m posting a question here because I can’t find the answer anywhere else (checked the the forum, Reddit, github etc.) but if it’s been asked before, just point me the way!

I’m fairly new to drones (and a bit rusty with Linux) and am trying to get SITL and MAVproxy running with ArduPlane in a linux VM as a component of a bigger university project - in all honesty it’s kinda bullshit, I basically just need to get this running so that I can show it’s running.

I’ve been following the guides and stuff on the ardupilot site, and everything seems to be going fine - other than some minor corrections like using pip3 instead of pip, stuff like that, things went off without a hitch.

However, when I run --map --console

It runs as expected with no obvious issues - but the final MAV> prompt does not appear. It hangs on “Saved 1369 parameters to mav.parm” but doesn’t appear to be doing anything else - no CPU usage, the XTerm terminal isn’t doing anything.

I can’t find this problem anywhere else, and none of the YouTube tutorials I can find seem to deal with it.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!!

Arduplane terminal output: