SITL: "link 1 down"

I’m having a hard time getting SITL to work. I’ve followed the setup in the documentation snd can get the ArduCopter to run. MAVproxy opens but it gets stuck on “Waiting for heartbeat from tcp:” and the console says “link 1 down”. I am running via cygwin on windows 10. Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated

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Hey Stephen,

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do have a remedy for something that surely ails you. Don’t you just hate that SITL currently will only uses the most recent dev firmware version of your vehicle. What if you want stable 4.09 or stable 4.05? Can’t have it unless you learn git and jump through 20 hoops which are a pain to learn for a non coder.

So consider commenting in my petition that you want a touch of a button feature in mission planner to choose which SITL firmware version that you want to use!