SITL in X-plane: Tx/controller direct to SITL...?

Has anyone coded APM so that the RC Tx input goes directly to the SITL code rather than via interpreting the X-plane’s version of the joystick pitch/roll/yaw?

I am trying to decouple the yaw signal that is driving the differential thrust vectoring on my model so that APM can control it but twiddling the yaw stick interferes with it.

My backup is to direct the yaw channel out via a mixture slider or somethong but this feels like building a house of cards from kludges. :frowning:

Ah! I think I have a solution. I can possibly read the raw joystick values directly which then allows me to disable the yoke and drive it according to my whims. Let’s see if my coding skills are up to the task!

Did you get it done?

I have moved on a fair bit from this point but I’m still hampered by my dismal coding skills and massively complex ambition. I nearly have my variable pitch propeller controller going and the next stage is a fully unified flight control system…