SITL - how to "recharge" the battery?

in using SITL, I can’t find a way to “recharge” the virtual battery.

MP shows it in red, and MAVProxy shows:
Flight battery -50 percent
Flight battery warning

Is there a way to recharge other than to restart the simulator?

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Here are my changes to Ardupilot to “recharge” the virtual battery:

Hope it helps!


Thanks for addressing this, Brandon.
Could you turn this into a PR to the main code branch so that this can be made available even to the non-programmers :wink:

Is there any impeding reason for this to not be included upstream? It seems useful.

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I will take a look if it is already implemented or not

Hi, how do i use this? Im a noob and dont want to break the environment i just set up.

2023: Any news on this?