SITL GPS Convergence Time

Hi everyone,
I’m running an arducopter SITL with Gazebo as described here. Using Gazebo Simulator with SITL — Dev documentation
Everything is working fine except for the fact that it can take about 60-90 seconds for the EKF to converge on a position solution to allow arming in GPS dependant modes.
Is there a way to speed this up or force the EKF into a solution? I’ve tried increasing SIM_SPEEDUP significantly, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference.


@luke_e_h, in addition to setting SIM_SPEEDUP you will also need to change the target RTF in Gazebo: For Gazebo9/11 this can be set in the GUI:

In the latest version (Gazebo Garden) you add this block of xml to your world file:

    <physics name="1ms" type="ignore">

@rhys can you do a PR to add this information to the ArduPilot wiki?

@amilcarlucas, sure - I’ve made a todo list here: Gazebo with SITL Documentation Is Outdated · Issue #1995 · ArduPilot/ardupilot_wiki · GitHub

Better than a GitHub issue is a GitHub pull request with actual change suggestions

Agreed. The entire Gazebo SITL section of the wiki needs to be rewritten to bring it up to date with the changes I’ve made to the plugins. The task list is to give a heads up to the dev team what I’m planning and break up the job into manageable pieces for me to check off as I work through them.

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@amilcarlucas - here’s the PR:

Thanks for your contribuition