Sitl doesn't starts at droped home position

I have various questions about mission planner sitl 1.3.35 running on windows 7. The first:
The simulation vehicle always starts on lng-214,74… GPS position. The GPS latitude is the same that I put at first in the map, and if a change the home position, latitude change too, but lng is always the same,-214,…
It happens on copter, plane, rover and quad of sitl. On model building msdos command window the starting model coordinates appears correctly.

The second question is about integrated simulator. I remember that in aold version of mission planner, when you starts the simulation, a new window with a simulated quad appears, and you see quad movements too.
Now, you need and external simulator for vehicles or mission planner has one integrated? I read something about jsbsim, but it looks that is only for buld mathematics model plane.

If I need and external simulator, how I can set up. The wiki instructions are incomplete. There is not enough information about sitl using mission planner on windows.
What about this?
Thanks in advance

I forget to comment that I am from Spain, and this is the problem. Finally, I found the answer. The region configuration on windows it’s the solution. I change the windows configuration from Spain to English US… Eureka! Now SITL works. So it’s possible to fix this on next Mission planner versions

Has mission planner an integrated model simulator (for example jsbsim), or I have to download one…?

this should be fixed in MP beta, the , vs . issue should be fixed form the MP side… hopefully the sitl side doesnt fall into the same trap.