SITL crash when connecting Mission Planner

I’ve been using the SITL for Copter 3.5.2 for some time now and am testing the latest version, 4.0.3. I have a custom c++ interface that I use to connect to the SITL which has worked well with both versions of the SITL, however when I connect Mission Planner to the 4.0.3 version of the SITL, the SITL crashes. When I have my software connected to port 5760, it crashes as soon as I connect mission planner to 5763. It also without my software connected / running when Mission Planner connects to port 5760.

The SITL does not crash when I only connect my interface to it. In the 3.5.2 version of SITL I can connect both my interface and mission planner without issue.

This is the error that is printed when it crashes:

stack overflow in thread FTP

Running sh dumpstack 8528 >segv_arducopter.8528.out 2>&1


The segv_arducopter.8528.out file then just contains:

sh: 0: Can’t open dumpstack

I hope and assume this is unique to the SITL build–I assume that if a bug this serious had occurred in hardware it would’ve been found very early on in beta testing. The binary for the SITL I was running was obtained from:

Also, when fetching that, I noticed that there was also a SITL_arm_linux_gnueabihf version which I think is awesome since as far as I knew the SITL wasn’t supported on ARM. What would it take to port it to 64 bit arm (aarch64)?


That is interesting ! I have notice some issue with SITL and MP on the FTP request. I guess we have some more issue …

About SITL version, it is working on ARM platform from long time … we just don’t used to provide prebuild binaries. But you could totally compile it yourself