SITL Changing Modes

When using SITL if i change mode to Loiter or Alt Hold the copter just descends and lands. Guided mode works fine. What could I be doing wrong.


David Ardis

did you set RC3 1500 ? If not, do it.

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How exactly can I do this is it a parameter in the full Parameter list?

PS really new to simulator

David Ardis


No that isn’t a parameter !
Guided mode is a an automatic mode like AUTO. Those don’t need RC radio to work.
Loiter and Alt Hold are manual mode, you need an RC Radio to use it.
You are seeing the copter going done when doing GUIDED -> Loiter mode change as you don’t have radio. The controller see 0 as throttle input and then shutdown the motor to 0 …

On SITL, you should have a mavproxy terminal (normally that is where you are sending command to SITL). Mavproxy emulate RC radio input for SITL. In this terminal, using the command RC 3 1500 put the radio input 3 (throttle) to 1500 us (that is PWM value). At 1500 on throttle, the copter will hover.

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Thanks I have got it sorted getting confused between simulator in mission planners and SITL with mavproxy. There is no way to control throttle in simulator without a joystick