SITL AUTO fails to initialize

I up graded from an older version of mission planner to 1.3.77 and pixhawk to 4.1.5. I am having problems simulating a mission. Have a home built hex that worked fine when last used (about 2 years ago) First problem is that when I arm the copter it only stays armed about 5 seconds and I would like to make that longer in SITL. I can take off and go to altitude but when commanded to start mission or switched to auto mode I get a background message that says Auto mode failed and did not initialize. Have not been flying for about two years so am a little rusty :-). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Do you have mission items in your mission item list?
And also do you have a GPS lock and armed when changing flight mode to AUTO?

Thanks for the reply - I did some additional testing and flew copter and it seems to be working well. I created a simple mission in 1.3.77 and again actually flew the copter and it performed the mission. It seems that my issue is only in the SITL simulation that auto mode will not work so I cant test the missions.

It should work. Tell us the details.

My Copter is a Hex X configuration so I was able to get the simulation to work by making the model a “Hexa” but when I loaded a simple mission and went to SITL and entered Hexa it reverted to a mission that I created a few years ago in an older version and when watching the attitude indicator during the simulation it appeared that the copter was wobbling. I will try to attach a video. Is there a way to clear any old simulation file that mat be left from the older version.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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