SITL ArduCopter: Automatic Disarming


I am following this guide to familiarize myself with MavProxy

What I am not understanding is what happens when you type the command “arm throttle.” Every time I would type it in is would disarm itself after a few seconds. During the time that it is arm and I type in “mode auto” nothing happens. The simulator sits still. Are there any pre setups to get the simulator working properly?

How many seconds are we talking about? ArduCopter has an automatic disarm while on the ground.

Its at 10 seconds. I was able to change it to 0 but I still cant get the copter to fly

You mean that it still disarms even with DISARM_DELAY at 0?

Sorry I should have specified clearly. If I changed the delay to 0 it will arm. But the problem now is I cant get the copter to fly

Can you be more specific? What are you doing to make it fly?

Ok so this is for a research project. I am new to all this. I am trying to learn the simulator before working on the real thing. Trying to understand the commands. Pretty much get the feel for it. The problem is I cant get the simulator to work based on the Linux guide I was following.

I load the mission and I am able to see the waypoints. I used “arm throttle” (after changing DISARM_DELAY to 0), then set the mode to auto. Nothing happens on the map. I have tried “takeoff” (50 meters) and there is no update based on a video I have watched. I am unsure if the simulator is working.

I have no idea what you are doing wrong. But I would advise that for a first experience you should try Mission Planner (

After arming, raise your throttle to say 50%. That should do the trick.

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As @carpy says, you need to raise the throttle to have auto mode trigger mission start.

In mavproxy you would typically raise the throttle using an rc override:

rc 3 1500

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The default delay to disarm a motor is 15secs and you can only fly a copter in GUIDED mode. Other vehicles takeoff in AUTO. I guess you are using SITL.