SITL and x-plane in 1.3.64

I’m having a difficult time following the documentation to get x-plane and MP to talk to each other. I can get MAVProxy and MP to talk to each other. I am using ArduPlane 3.9.7 SITL building in Cygwin. As best as I can tell the screen on the simulation tab to set IP and ports no longer exists. I checked in the windows store version and the protable zip version. I am looking for a screen that looks like as it is shown on

I know I can get it to work with the developer 3.10.x build, but I need to test with 3.9.7.

EDIT: I found a way to do it with MAVProxy. Compile in cygwin ~/ardupilot/ArduPlane$ ~/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/ --map --console --model=xplane which should start with 2 interfaces. X-Plane gets one of them and Mission Planner gets the other. I have 14550 for xplane and 14551 for Mission Planner.