Single line font in auto WP text?

Just wondered if it’s possible to have a single line font in planner auto WP. At the moment it outlines the text, what I’m thinking of is a CNC style text with a single line.
Why I ask is I was thinking of a quad at night with a LED light and long exposure picture to show up the text, or ‘lines’ cut with a mower.

I couldn’t find an easy way to go from text to a shapefile

MP recommends one already, do you have it installed? 1cambam_stick_3 font

Yes indeed, I just wonder if it could be changed at the moment the waypoints route around each characters outline.

example of what you mean?

As you would write with pen a single line, for example a ‘T’ would be two lines the top line and the vertical line.

With a long exposure you could ‘write’ at night with an LED turned off between each letter.

(I realise that would potentially mess up a lawn mowing plan)