Single gogle FPV/OSD

I’m wanting to get into some FPV stuff with OSD but don’t want goggles. Does anyone make a single goggle/monocular that will fit this need? I remember there was one a few years ago but can’t find any reference.

Some may ask why…well, it’s simple- I like to fly LOS. Being an RC heli pilot that learned without any stabilization and without FPV, I like to look at what I’m flying,

What transmitter are you using?
With a Taranis you can have telemetry on the LCD screen giving you everything an OSD can.

Alternatively, how about a small monitor attached to the transmitter, can be used for LOS and FPV.

initially I’ll be using a DX7 but will be moving to a turnigy 9xr, FySky FS-TH9X when I get some extra cash.

The problem with a display such as one that mounts to the TX is that your head is down which makes it difficult to regain LOS of the helicopter. The other issue is that they don’t do so well during a bright day.

I think I found what I’m looking for. Not the quality I want but it will do for now. … Sw~otWdTbz

If you Google “PirateEye” you’ll find a lot of info on an interesting monocular setup. It’s pretty pricey, but of high quality. I haven’t used one personally, but I thought about it. In the end I decided I didn’t want to risk that amount of money without trying one first and went the Fat Shark route instead.