Single copter yaw problem

Hello. I realized the previous questions were silly. I only asked questions, not giving any information about my drone. I would like to explain the single copter situation so far and ask for help again.

My single copter uses pixhawk 6c mini as fcc. The connection between the four servos and the main motor is as follows. In addition, telemetry, gps, and sbus are connected.

I’m building a drone for the first time besides a simple assembly quadcopter. So it seems like there are quite a few problems I have. And I think there are other people who have similar problems besides me.

  1. telemetry - mission planner connect & esc calibration

    After connecting to the mission planner with telemetry, when esc calibration is performed, the main motor moves according to the rc command, but all flaps do not move. I think mission planner don’t get the rc command. (green bars on rc calibration screen don’t move)

    The main motor seems to be moving because of the esc calibration.

    Am I misunderstanding mission planner…?

move rc yaw stick but mission planner does not recieve command

servos do not receive rc yaw command

  1. telemetry - mission planner connect & esc calibration X

    Without esc calibration, rc (or mission planner) can control roll, pitch. But it can’t control yaw. When checking the servo output, servos successfully get rc roll and pitch commands, but do not seem to get rc yaw commands. (When giving the input yaw command, the green bar in servo/motor outputs do not change) However, in the rc calibration screen, the throttle and yaw move properly.

Move yaw stick but no position change

yaw Input but no output

mission planner received rc yaw

this is my drone’s data
param_11_2.param (16.6 KB)

The link below is Google Drive.

mp4 & “.bin” files in here.

Given that the roll or pitch is moving properly, it is questionable that yaw does not work properly. I look forward to getting help from someone.
And I’m sorry I don’t know much about single copter.
thank you!

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Hello. I made a discovery today.

I forced arm and changed the throttle & yaw, it seemed flaps work.

please check this video

Do you think I can do PID Tuning now?

Does it fly?

Single copter can fly, but I don’t know if servos will be controlled when flying. I think it wont work.

So I’m trying pid tuning with forced arming, is this a stupid idea? :joy:

You can’t tune anything that doesn’t fly.

Thank you for correcting.

Hi! I’m also facing the exact same problem, could you teach me how did you solved this in the setting? thanks!

In my case, the flight mode was not changed properly. In other words, the single copter did not receive GPS data properly. Then, the single copter cannot fly in the right flight mode. This means that it cannot be controlled remotely. The things I checked are as follows.

  • Check the beep sound of fcc or switch.
    : If you change the flight mode and hear an incorrect beep sound, this means that the single copter is not changing the flight mode properly. Flight mode also appears to be related to GPS. some example, in Loiter mode, a single copter must find its location using GPS.
  • Check the ESC calibration
    : Sometimes the circuit connection or calibration may be incorrect.

I also went through a lot of trial and error, and I still feel like I lack knowledge. But I hope it will be helpful to you or my methods will be a great hint and help you solve your problem.

You can only enter certain flight modes if some conditions are met. If the conditions are not met the mode will not be entered.