Single Copter with Pixhawk 4

Hi everyone, I am attempting to design a Single Copter using a Pixhawk 4 as the flight controller. I have read the documentation here - ArduPilot Single Copter. I understood all the configuration steps with regards to selecting the FRAME_CLASS and setting other parameters. However, I am uncertain as to whether the SERVOx_FUNCTION maps the output to the I/O PWM OUT or the FMU PWM OUT port on the Pixhawk.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Outputs 1-8 are on the I/O outputs, 9-14 are on the FMU outputs.

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Thank you very much!

So I need to wire the flaps to Outputs 1-4 and the motor to output 5 correct?

I’m not that familiar with Single Copter having never built one but from the Wiki that’s right.

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Thank you for the information, very much appreciated.

You may have already found your answer since last week, but yes 1-4 are for flaps and 5 is for the esc.

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