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Single copter problem

Help me pls. I can’t arming Pixhawk in single copter mode, Mission planner show message: “CHECK FIRMWARE OR FRAME CLASS”. I set FRAME_CLASS = 8 (single copter). Use Copter 3.5.x. I’m set ARM_CHK = Disable.

Is anybody knows how i can do this right?

Make sure you flashed tradheli build, not multicopter

Hi. I need single copter! Not heli… say me pls what settings i must do for use sinle copter with four flaps?

Normal copter firmware, frame class 8, then reboot, should get you what you’re asking.
If that doesn’t work, raise an issue in github please.

Reboot MP and PixHawk? Or PX only?

Just the Pixhawk should do it.

I am tried, not work. Mission planner show message: “CHECK FIRMWARE OR FRAME CLASS” I can’t turn on arming…

Can you let me know the particular autopilot, firmware version and mission planner version?



PixHawk 2.4.8,
MP buil 1.3.6831.14044,
Copter V3.5.7

I’m stuck on it too, did you ever manage to complete it

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