Single/Coaxial Copter

I have problem with the flight controller basically i have APM 2.8 and when i plugged it into mission planner i didnt get the Parameters list of Frame class and Frame type. Can i use APM to fly by coaxial ducted fan UAV drone? any idea

This for all people, trying to build coax/single copter on APM 2.8 or earlier versions.
The first fact is APM 2.8 does not support versions after Copter 3.2.1.
Second fact is all earlier versions till Copter 3.2.1, will not offer you Coax/Single Copter Frame selection by anymeans. There is no option called FRAME_CLASS there so there is no way you use mission planner to set your vehicle as coax/single copter.
So what you need to do is, download Arduino-Ardupilot IDE (this software is different from Arduino IDE), and get a full Zip file of Arducopter 3.2.1 on github (incase you can’t find it ping me here). Now open that Zip file in your IDE and like 20+ tabs will open up, look for APM_Config.h in those tabs (probably the second tab) and set your frame_config as coax_frame in that code, and upload it to your APM 2.8 and open mission planner as usual and in lower tab where all yaw angle and altitude etc is shown, click on messages tab and u will see ur frame config set to COAX_FRAME.
Good luck ahead.

You might face some errors while uploading code or compiling it etc, but dont worry all of them have simple solutions. Ping me here for help.