Simulink Model of ArduCopter

Hi there… I am new to the community but have been observing for some time. I’ve noticed in the past several have expressed interest in obtaining or building a Simulink model for the ArduCopter s/w that runs on many of our quads, etc. Does anyone know if this has been done? If not, is anyone interested in working together as a community to build a library that would allow many to simulate their own additions to the master ardupilot software?

I know it’s been a while, but have you started working towards this?


I’m definitely interested; as for the ability to contribute, I’ve got matlab/simulink and some time (mostly on weekends). However, it will be a bit of learning project for me as I’ve got some background in controls, but limited experience in Simulink. I’m in the midst of a GNC certificate program and see this as an opportunity to apply it.