Simulation (Xplane) with Mission planner Slow update Rate

Hello it seems that while trying to do HIL simulations the signals seem to react with a delay(like discrete way) instead of having a continuous form.You can see form the graph in the simulation tab that the values change like there is some kind of delay on the update rate.

Is there anyway to eliminate this problem or to speed up the update rate between the simulation and the RC controller.


what hardware are you using?
you may need to change the xplanes feed rate from 50hz to 30-40hz

Im using the APM 2.6 with the spectrum DX7S RC controller.What im trying to do is to run HIL simulations of a flying wing. Could it be the Xplane that receives the inputs form the RC controllers with such a dealy?

The weird thing is the in the graph of the inputs at the simulation tab in Mission Planner you see the inputs changing in a complete discrete way and not in a continuous . For example when i push the throttle up the signal in the graph increases like a step input .

I hope you can understand my point :slight_smile:
I ll try check the feed rate of Xpane as well