Simulation vs. Hardware

Hello Arduplane-iacs.

Question:How can I test my hardware flight controller before flight in the simulation without flight gear or x-plane?

Long question:
I am inexperienced with ardupilot and I enjoy teaching myself and learning using the simulation and your guys awesome videos. So now I know, that I can set up my simulation change the parameters as desired and I am able to fly. So when I have finished building my plane, I wonder, if I can use the simulation in a way, that the actual hardware flight controller is used. The rest should stay the same. That way, I can check if I have set up all parameters in a correct way. For example I could check, if I have set all geo fencing and inclusion zones correct or if RTL works as desired.

When I try to find something like this, I am always end up here : HITL Simulators — Dev documentation

But that is not what I am looking for. I do not need to have this complex simulation of a plane.

Thank you for the help!


P.s. I think, this would make a great small video :wink:

Those are exactly the same in SITL. SITL and real hardware share the same code (mainly).

Hi Mustafa.

I know. I want to check, if I did something stupid and forgot to set some of the parameters. That is the reason, why I want to hardware flight controller in the loop.


Other than control-related parameters (PID, PSC, etc.) you can copy and paste parameters to SITL to test.