Simulation tab only displays firmware selection, cannot configure advanced ip settings

I am trying to access this page in the simulation tab. However the entire tab is filled with this page where firmware is selected.

I noticed in this video on youtube that Michael Oborne published that the page I can access typically pops up as a second window. Is that the way it is supposed to work? How do I correct this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

the first listed method is no longer supported. and xplanes support is only setup to work on the same pc as the simulator is running currently

I found my problem. X-plane doesn’t send any data unless at least one data set is selected from the data settings in x-plane. Somehow the ardupilot elf will turn on more data sets, but it won’t connect if there are no data sets selected initially.

I believe that I am encountering a very similar problem to the one you had where I can’t get the SITL to connect to Xplane when running both from the same computer, if possible could you elaborate or post a screen shot of how you set up the initial data sets.

I made a video showing intial setup and explanation of sitl for my friend who is setting it up. It’s a long video but it shows every setting I changed.

Thank you, I was able to find the mistake I was making thanks to that video and was able to get SITL working with xplane.

Glad you got it working