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Simulation is not working

I select simulation and then select any frame. Mission Planner will have a pop up stating that it is “Downloading sitl software”. Then there is a pop up response that it “Failed to connect to SITL instance” as shown in the attached screen shot.

I am using Mission Planner build 1.3.7794.18299

rebooting my PC did not fix the issue.

I also updated mission planner with the beta updates roughly 1 week ago to resolve the previous issue with simulation as discussed here

Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

This one has nothing to do with Mission Planner. It seems that a recent commit in ardupilot master broke SITL. It will be be fixed soon.


Thank you for the clarification and update!

I can build you a sitl exe to use with Mission Planner, if it is urgent.

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Thank you for the help. I should be able to wait for the fix to ardupilot.

Does anyone know timing of this fix, or a workaround?

it should have been solved by now

Go to Mission Planner Help page and update to BETA! This will most likely fix it, as it did for me!
@ScoutImaging @Jon_Peyron

I loaded beta version of MP and all good now!
@Yaros @khancyr Thank you both!

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