Simulating transmitter switches

When doing MP SITL, is there a way to simulate transmitter switch movements. Lets say on my transmitter I have SwA set up for Ch 6 to turn GeoFence on/off and say I use SwB set up for Ch 7 to turn Simple on/off, is there a way to simulate this?

Put another way perhaps, is there a way in MP SITL to set Ch6 to 2000 and Ch 7 to 2000 to simulate turning on the fence and Simple mode?

Maybe simple mode does not apply to MP STIL but geo fence does. Os can I turn it on and off as my simulated copter moves around?

You can either connect a joystick:
Joystick/Gamepad — Copter documentation (

Or use the aux function tab to trigger any given function:

If all you need to do is enable or disable fences, there’s a parameter for that (FENCE_ENABLE) that can be changed without the use of any switch or aux function button.

Thanks, I never noticed that tab.

When I enable geo fence, is the fence supposed to appear on the plan screen?
Also, I just enabled geo fence and it seemed like the polygon mode is not an option.
I will look further.

Yesterday, I crashed because I had my transmitter set to enable simple and super simple at the same time. I got weird results. In this case, I wonder what mode AP will select simple or super simple or try to do both and get confused.

If you use a cylindrical fence defined by the onboard parameters, I don’t think MP displays it.
Fences — Copter documentation (

If you want to define arbitrary geometries (that will be displayed), see here:
Inclusion and Exclusion Fences — Copter documentation (

No idea what happens when you select conflicting flight mode behaviors. Sounds like you found out the hard way.

When I select geo fences under config at the top, the option for fence type is blank. Under the fence type in the config parameter list it is listed as a 7 meaning bits 1,2 and 4 are set. I would like to do a polygon fence if possible. This is the case using STIL or actual.

Yesterday, I crashed into my neighbors house because of conflicting simple/super modes. Fortunately, there was little damage, one broken prop.

I’ll keep looking.

Put them on one 3 position switch is easy enough. Off/Simple/Super Simple.

I guess that on MP there is no indication as to if you are in simple or super simple or neither.

It shows on the messages screen. It’s also announced if you Enable Speech.

I noticed that when speech is enabled that mode changes will be announced (if the button is clicked). I did not hear anything going to/from simple

I hear it. How did you configure them? You didn’t click those boxes on the Flight Mode screen did you? If so unselect them and configure an RCx_OPTION for them.

I am confused now. I thought the RC_ options were what the transmitter switches set. Also, there are the AUX functions on the Data screen. I do not know what control what. I guess I best read some more.

Also, I posted a question about creating a polygon geofence. Maybe you can look at my post and comment.

Read the links I sent about fences and then ask more specific questions if you get stuck.

I have read the links. They say that i can have a cylindrical or a polygon fence. When I select config>geofence a screen pops up like I posted in my other post. It has a box to select what type of fence. I assume the box should have the cylindrical or poly option but the box is blank. When I watch a You tube video, the box has options. Somehow, I do not see the options. I did configure a cylindrical fence by setting the proper parameters in the Config>parameter list. I have not yet tested the option as yet. A polygon option is better for me if I can see how to implement it.