Simulating Pixhawk GPS here RGB LED states

I saw this page

I see the author changing all RGB LED states at will. I would like also to do that.
The reason for this is that I’m connected to I2C (as slave) instead of GPS here and getting the LED commands my self, so I want to test all the states.

Could anyone help how this could done (force pixhawk all RGB led “14” states)?


You can set via scripting,

iampete, thanks for your response, but this script is only testing raw RGB LEDs
I want to test Pixhawk “14” states?

like in “

How did Randy Mackay managed to go through all states? I want this option also.


Since nobody could answer my question, I had to modify the existing code in RGBLed.cpp in libraries and force the state I wanted. only for debugging purpose