Simulatable and repeatable camera motion with ROI sequences

These days the GCS FlightZoomer 3.2 has been released which offers a number of new features:

  • Full stop ILS landings for copter.
  • Support for Sky Viper.
  • Enhanced ROI handling with staged ROI’s.
  • Predefined sweep times for gentle movements from one ROI to the next.
  • FlightZoomer’s own 3G telemetry depreciated. Support for Andruav for 3G telemetry instead.
  • And the most outstanding feature: ROI sequences

ROI sequences work like this

  • Like missions have waypoints, a ROI sequence has ROI’s. The camera pans in one steady movement from the first ROI to the last ROI.
  • The trick is, that flown missions (flightplans in FlightZoomer terminology) are executed in synchronization with the ROI sequence. At each waypoint the camera will be pointing to the next ROI in the sequence!
  • ROI sequences can be planned and simulated with the in-built simulation feature (using the huge synthetic FPV screen).
  • ROI sequences can be stored so they can easily be repeated in the future.
  • As an alternative to the waypoint synchronization, ROI sequences can also be defined time based. For time-based ROI sequences, the sweep time in seconds is simply defined per ROI.
  • Get an impression in the video above, how precise the same footage can be repeated and how seamless you can blend between different shots of the same ROI sequence.
  • Documentation of ROI sequences

Staged ROI’s work like this

  • Up to four ROI’s can be pre-defined as staged ROI’s
  • The user can trigger flexible camera movements by activating one of the staged ROI’s at any time.
  • The duration of the sweep to the triggered staged ROI can be defined by the user.
  • Additionally, an altitude offset can be applied to any ROI, which is targeted for a sweep.
  • The two parameter sweep time and altitude offset can simply be reused or freshly defined prior any sweep.
  • Documentation of staged ROI’s

Copter full stop ILS landings work like this

  • After the glideslope has been captured, the copter descends on the final approach down to 7 Meter above runway elevation.
  • At that point, the descend stops and the copter continues to the runway at constant altitude.
  • Precisely over the runway threshold, the horizontal movement stops and ArduCopters LAND mode is activated (before FlightZoomer controlled the flight path using GUIDED mode).
  • Documentation of FlightZoomer ILS approaches

New pricing

A significant change in the price model makes FlightZoomer much more attractive: the full functional scope as a GCS up to version 3.1 is now free again. Only selected new features will be added as in-app purchases. Up to now, the only feature that has a price are ROI sequences. Even using the staged ROI’s is free.

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