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Simply Add Sensors to Pixhawk?


I work on Rover and Copter projects who work with Pixhawk and Dropix.

I search a simple solution for add different sensors for execute commands.
By example:
Use a rain sensor for activate Hold command on my Rover and eventually Land for Copter.
Use a crepuscular sensor for start Auto mission.
Use a voltage sensor for a return to launch with Rover

The idea is to have inputs available on Pixhawk and when a voltage input it work like a Boolean and execute an action.
I don’t know if my explanation is understable.

If there is a developer that can help me. I work on several projects with Pixhawk. I can give a little remuneration.



The simplier, I think, should be to have either a companion computer (like a raspberry pi) or a small microchip like an arduino that communication with the pixhawk.

Otherwise, a simple example on how to implement those function could be . Here it add a code that it is check at 10Hz to look if the rover is crash and if yes, go to hold.
On rover you can found what other tasks are done here :

To implement the sensor logic the best should be to look in libraries folder, you should have example on how implement a sensors on each data bus (i2c, spi, uart)

Thank you for your answer.

I am not enough qualified in programming for do that. I have base in Arduino programming but this is not enough.
Now, my development axis is principally with APM Rover, because I work on different solutions who can use this firmware.

So I search a developer who can do that for me.
I can give a little remuneration.

I modified the post and create a new topic

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