Simplest manual servo-control firmware

Hey all! I’m sorry if this isn’t the correct forum to place my question but I couldn’t find an appropriate one.
I have a CubeBlue firmware which I’m going to use for the project described below.
All my program does is receiving (generic (?) or custom) MAVLink commands to control several servos (using PWM). That’s it, completely manual.
The reason I want to use ArduPilot for this (although it is currently an overkill) is that in further steps, this system is going to be integrated on a vehicle (I still don’t know if a copter or a rover) and use several sensors (range finder, gps). Also, I believe ArduPilot fits my needs as it has an outstanding MAVLink support.
My question is - since I’m completely new to ArduPilot - what changes do I need to make to the basic code (for my first, manual step only!) to use only a simple subset of it?
I did start exploring the code, mostly the libraries part of it, but am having some harder time to understand the actual “main” of the program. Any guiding will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

Just configure the desired SERVOX_FUNCTION parameters and you should be good to go. No need to change any software at all. For your application I would recommend github master branch version. It has improved RC overwrite and release control.