SILT setup on Linux - missing documentation

The page gives 404.

If I go to there’s a link to a video but no written instructions. Has this moved to somewhere else?


All the info is in there. What does not work for you? What are the error messages?

Thanks for the reply.
The first link is page not found.

The second link has a link to a video but the page does not contain the written instructions specifically the JSBSim installation, the section “Install some required packages” and the section “Add some directories to your search path”.

You can see this at 4:30 on the video. You can read most of it from the video but the path information goes off the screen.

I managed to find the information at;

Apart from the now being all worked perfectly.


One thing it doesn’t like us spaces in you path to where the code is stored. Had me going an hour or so last night before a moment of realisation!

@Allan_J github pull requests with wiki content improvements are welcome.