SIL with Xplane Simulation

Hello, I am experimenting with style using the documentation on the ardupilot site. I made the connection of X-plane and arducopter via Qground. For the helicopter I will fly, I am loading the jetranger parameter set on the ardupilot site from the console tab. At the moment, I cannot arm the helicopter due to some errors. What are your recommendations?

Error List:
AP: PreArm: Invalid MultiCopter FRAME_CLASS
AP: PreArm: Check firmware or FRAME_CLASS
AP: PreArm: Gyros not calibrated
AP: PreArm: RPM2_PIN not set

Thank you…

How do you start SITL? You are using the wrong vehicle type. Helicopters have a different firmware from multicopters. That is why you are seeing this error

Yes, I made the wrong frame selection, I fixed my mistake, thanks.