SiK Transceiver 433 mHz - Connect to Pacific Crest Transmitters?


I was wondering if it’s possible to connect these transceivers to another brand of transmitter working on the same frequency/baud/signal.

We’re using Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro transmitter radio, 440.5 mHz 9600 baud RTCM3.2

No, AFAIK, their modulation and spread spectrum algorithms will be different.
Are they based on the same chipset ?

What’s the reason to try that?

Probably not. The feed that both are transmitting/receiving is the same. I just figured that radio frequencies can’t be branded.

All I can see is that if the feed string is being laced with connectivity metadata, like if the transceivers require a response “we’re connected” as part of the pulses then the devices may detect a common frequency/baud/string signal but may not accept it and dump it.

Right now, if I use the SiK 433mHz my max range is about 150m. I can get up to 800m with the 915mHz. If I can somehow get the 433mHz to receive a feed from a commercial grade radio transmitter I can boost the range to 5km.

Remember: if you’ll use 2 different transceivers, you’ll get range from the worst device.
On my homemade SiK device I’ve got a 6-8km range with DiY antennas (dipole + ground-plane).

I can see this in a response-demanding transceiver system where the two devices need to talk to each other. What I’m trying to do is work with a committed transmitter that needs no response and a receiver (I’d like to use my SiK radio) that is receiver only.

Think of it this way - studios have radio towers that blast music all day long over hundreds of kilometers. Your radio at home has a skimpy little antenna. You don’t need a radio tower to receive the signal unless you’re trying to send information back to the studio.

I just want to have a main radio that is sending out a 5km signal and a little radio receiver.

I’m afraid that only dedicated (and not so cheap as 3DR Radio or RFD900) solution would have such functionality. If you can share some details of your use case (i.e. through PM), maybe I can advice suitable options.