Sik telemetry on GPS 2 port

I would like to connect my SiK telemetry to GPS2 port on CUBE black (Pixhwak2.1). On telemetry port 1 I have mavlinktohott, on telemetry 2 I have alexmoss mavlink, on GPS1 I have here GPS and on GPS2 I would like to have Sik telemetry. It’s working on Telemetry 1 port without any problems but when I am switching cable to GPS2 conection it doesn’t work. I set “Protocol 4” parameter to mavlink 1 (tried also mavlink 2). I also tried to change parameters of sr3 to the same like good connection on telemetry 1 but that didn’t help. Anyone have telemetry connected by GPS2 port on CUBE ?

I found the solution:
must be set…
and Protocol to 2