Sik radios vs MAVLINK versions

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Regarding the SiK Telemetry Radio, the documentation says: It provides a “Transparent serial link”. [1]

So, can I affirm that is fully compatible with all MAVLINK versions (0.9, 1.0 and 2.0?)? I do understand that is compatible.

However, I am asking for confirmation because there is also a piece of information that the radio has “MAVLink protocol framing and status reporting.”.

Is the framing independent of MAVLINK version and performed only by the radio? Or the framing assuming some kind information that could vary in MAVLINK versions? (what I understand that would be a dependence)

I am asking it to update the Ardupilot wiki.

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Mavlink 1.0 and 2.0 is supported by SiK firmware since 2016. (0.9 support removed around that time, but it is not used anyway).
You can enable or disable Mavlink framing with the ATS6=0 or 1 parameter.

Mavlink framing means that the TDM will try to honor mavlink frames and not split them, plus radio will inject MAVLINK_RADIO packets into the communication with radio status information (RSSI, buffer space, etc…)

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Thank you for your answer.