SIK radio won't connect to others

Good day everyone.

I have 3 433mhz V2 radios from Hobbyking.

2 of the radios talk to each other with no problem. Te 3d one however just refuses to talk with the other 2.

I used mission planner to update all of the to 1.9 firmware.

Is there a way to fix this prodigal radio

What do you see in the status LED of the other radio? refer for what the LED status indicates.

What do you mean by ‘talk’ ? Are the Two radios communicating (Solid Green Light)? Are you testing the Third radio when the other two are powered or are you testing them in pairs?

Hello Nihal.

Green light blinking all the time

That means that the radio is looking for another radio to establish a link.

Perhaps the radio is not configured properly? You can check the settings of the radio using mission planner -

Check the settings of the two radios which are working. You’ll see that they are the same. Now, check to see that the one which is not working has the same settings. If it doesn’t, change the appropriate settings to match the other two.

All the best!

it is configured exactly the same as the other 2

hmm, strange…
Can you try re-flashing the firmware again and see if that helps?

Strange indeed. All the radios are on the same frequency

HI , I had the same issue it got resolved when I changed the min and max range of frequency to the full range in both units. putting this down as it might help someone else.

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Hi,i am facing the same issue.I changed the min and max range of frequency to the full range in both units.But still its not the modules are not linking to each other.

Hi, This solution indeed worked for me. Thanks :slight_smile: