SiK radio v3 failing to connect

I am trying to connect Telemetry Radio Set V3 - 100mw 433MHz with one attached to flight controller (Matek f405 WTE) and one to the PC with mission planner running.

Currently when both plugged in, both radio modules show a solid green light meaning they have established a link (?). When I press connect on mission planner the radio on the PC end will have a red flashing light on the opposite side to the green light however the board attached to the flight controller does nothing and mission planner fails to connect.

The selected Com port is correct and I beleive the baud rate is correct as well. I have updated the firmware on both radios.

On the flight controller, the radio is appropriately attached to 5v and Gnd, and rx and tx are attached to rx1 and tx1 on the fc, I have tried changing the parameters for serial 1 including the options and protocol. The rts and cts are unattached.

Both boards always having a flashing red light underneath the green light, on the PC end this is fainter than the same light on FC end. Underneath the plastic case this light is labled Ack.

At your FC end, FC TX1 goes to Radio RX and FC RX1 to Radio TX.
Mostly used with AirSpeed 64k and baud 57600 (set in Serial1 params on the FC and in Mission Planner dropdown box)

If you have solid green lights then the radios are connected to each other. The various flashing red lights are the data flows. That all sounds good.

On the PC, make sure the baud rate you select for Mission Planner is the same as the baud rate you have on the radios. If the radios are default then it should be 57600.

On the flight controller, same thing, make sure the Serial1_BAUD is 57. SERIAL1_PROTOCOL, can be 1 or 2.