Sik radio telemetry module problem

Hey everyone.
I bought sik radio telemetry modules from Readytosky aliexpress store.
Radio to my Pixhawk 6C is connected to telem2 socket. So if I powered on Pixhawk it became blinking green. But immediately after connecting other radio to USB on PC the pixhawk radio stops blinking and become solid green, but PC part still blinking.
Loading settings working well but if I try to connect nothing happens, it tryes to connect for 30 secs without any results

Can you connect each to the PC USB in turn and very they have identical settings and firmware versions?
Turn off ECC and Op Resend, not needed and will only give you trouble.

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I have usb-to-ttl module. I connected rx to tx, tx to rx gnd to gnd and vcc to 5v.
PC recognized module as Com 8. But it’s n mission planner it won’t see the module