SiK Radio takes longer to connect with RTS/CTS enabled? Also question about ECC

I’m just configuring my “mRo SiK Telemetry Radio V2 Air/Ground Bundle” and I noticed a couple things that were odd.

First, by default it takes hardly any time to establish the initial telemetry connection between Mission Planner and the FC. However, if I enable RTS/CTS on both the local and remote radios (I’m using Tx7/Rx7/Rts7/Cts7 on a Matek H743 wing v2) then it takes ~20-25sec to establish the initial connection, but after that everything seems fine. Is this normal or is something wonky?

Second, the documentation seems a bit unclear about whether ECC is beneficial or not. If I enable it the connection seems to work, but it feels more than twice as slow. Is there any way to get the instantaneous data rate from the telemetry connection? Should I just disable it?