SiK Radio - No Heartbeat Packets Received

I have one SiK radio connected to my PC via USB. The green LED is blinking. When I click ‘Connect’ in the top right of mission planner, it says “No heartbeat packets received”. I have the correct port and baud rate selected. How do I resolve this issue?

If Green blink, there is no connection with the Air Radio. When the radio are paired Green is steady and red is blinking when connected (data flow).

Check the parameters for each of the air and ground radios. If they aren’t connecting you will need to connect the air radio directly to your computer. All the parameters for both radios should be the same to start.

Ok so now I have it so that both radios are plugged into my PC. The green LEDs are solid. When I click load settings I get an error that says “Failed to enter command mode”. Is this the correct set up? Thank you for your help

I tried to connect, but only LOCAL connects, but REMOTE does not connect. WHY???