SiK radio manual triggereing


I am using a second SiK radio on my drone (the 3DR 915mhz module) for secondary data and more controls, etc.

I am using it in raw data mode and sending rs232 uart through them

My issue is that it seems to be fighting with its send rate and I did a bunch of fiddling with the ‘window’ setting and its just not working. Is there any kind of command or way to just tell the thing to hold off sending until I’ve finished filling the buffer with data and then send it all at once?

Right now the issue is that it seems to like to cut in and send a packet halfway through one of my own packets, which then freaks the collection out on the other side. It also appears to lose the data that didn’t make it through in time.

What I really want is to be able to call my serial print functions, dump all of the strings and bytes and whatnot to the thing, which I know is less then its buffer size, and then call some command to fire the data away, so I know it all makes it in. Right now I’m having to calculate a checksum and then just send packets over and over until they make it through, and about 6-8 out of 10 make it through.

Thanks again!

The radio FW does that form MAVLink packets, so use them is one solution.

The other is write to the buffer is one contiguous manner and not in small multiple writes,is my guess.

I cant seem to figure out the mavlink packets out so… I’ll have to keep playing around. Thanks!