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Sik radio cross compatibility

All of my Sik radios were 3DR V1 style…were at v1.6 firmware…got another newer set…came with 1.9 firmware…tried getting the new set to interoperate with the old, no luck…so upgraded firmware on all radios to 2.0…
all the old sets talk to one another…the new set talks to each other, but the new and the old do not talk to one another…
same firmware…exact same settings (as shown in Mission Planner) for every radio…
any ideas on why old v1 and newer V2 style radios running the same 2.0 firmware, and settings, wont talk to one another???

Have you seen this? He seems to have had the same problem

v1.9 (and earlier) isn’t compatible with v2.0, but radios on v2.0 should all talk to each other.
I know you’ve said all settings the same, so I’m hesitant to ask the obvious: but baudrate, RTS/CTS, ECC, channels, Net ID, freq range the same on all?

all that are shown in the MP display box are exactly the same for all modules

I programmed all radios using MP while directly connected via USB or FTDI…set all params to default…all read back the same…btu the V1s only talk to one another (4 radios)…and the V2s only talk to one another…again, all params exactly the same…all 2.0 firmware

For better or worse I haven’t been able to replicate this.
What I’ve done is, using MissionPlanner:

  1. updated a v1 3DR ground radio (probably 6 or 7 years old) and a v2 3DR radio to latest (SiK v2.0 for hm-trp)
  2. reset both to defaults.
  3. Connect.

These radios:

These settings:

which resulted in successful connection:

I’ve also tested with a generic (non 3DR) SiK ground radio of an unknown hardware version.
I know that doesn’t solve the problem for you. Sorry.

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