Sik radio connection stuck on "Getting Params 1"

Since both updating to Mission Planner 1.3.61 - 26-11-2018, and Copter 3.6.2 (and now 3.6.3) my Sik radio that had previously been connecting normally is now getting hung up on “Getting Params 1” however it does actually connect and gives me the telemetry readout in mission planner. Not sure if there’s anything I’m missing or if canceling out of the progress dialog is cool to continue. Have not attempted flying in this state other than arming up without props, seems to work. Connecting up with USB works as normal. Anyone else bumping into this?

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I am having this same issue with a hobbyking micro telemetry 433mhz set. Did you ever come across a solutions to this issue? I cant decide if its a firmware or a driver issue…