SiK Radio - Can't enter command mode on aerial station

Losing sleep over this:

Recently inherited a drone setup and have been trying to figure out how to get the wireless telemetry working.

Not quite sure what the versions are of everything, but what I can deduce this is some flavour of a SiK radio setup.

Looks like this

Some real crazy wiring going on.

Anyway, I don’t know the NetID of this thing so I figure I would be able to connect with my serial port and reset the NetID on the aerial station. Problem is I can’t seem to enter command mode, and the output seems to be all jumbled up. Not sure if I’m connecting to the right thing at all.

Is there any simpler way to reset the settings of this station to the default NetID 25 and Baud 56k? Or any advice to try to connect to this thing?