SIK radio and OTG usb-c to micro usb?

Hi all. I have some sik radio kits, mainly holybro 100 and 500mw. They came with a micro usb to micro usb otg cable which works well with tablet and phones (generally i used Samsung ones) . Now more and more devices are going to USB C standard, so we need a Solution to that. I tried a micro usb to usb c converter and it does not work, neither a native cable took from Amazon. They don’t power up the dongle on huawei tablet and phones. Any Solution to that?

Have you tried the ones with 56K resistor?

Good luck.

Native C Cable i have and the micro-micro with adapter both have resisto inside but both don’t power up dongle. I think it’s a power supply problem due to cable restriction

All my radios are regular USB but I can use an adapter down to micro USB then to USB-C and it still works on my Galaxy S8 and Tab A. Maybe try using a different USB cable. Not all micro USB cables are created equal. LOL

Good luck.

I had some good luck with this one for my 3DR radio and Samsung Galaxy Tab A with the USB C:

Thomas, bought it and tried on my huawei, it works. Even if you have to plug and unplug several times before it start to work (i cannot figure if it’s HW or SW related)

Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned that. The first time I tried using it, it didn’t work. I fiddled with it, tried turning on developer settings, etc., still didn’t work. I tried it again the next day, and then it worked. Couldn’t figure out why, but it did (and does) work.

I also bought this one, and it works, too: