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SiK radio and fpv through missionplanner

Does SiK radio transfer video? I am ryting to setup quad so i can do telemetry through mission planner. I am currently using taranis with RXSR reciever and pixhawk FC. but would also like to use fpv camera and goggles. Don’t need it to transfer to pcand goggles at same time just want telemetry to missionplanner during setup/testing and through goggles when flying. Will i need a seperate fpvtransmitter or is there an Affordable one to do both without interference just starting fpv and dont know anything about how it works with mission planner

No. You will need a video transmitter.

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thats what i thought, bur i didn’t know if the video transmittters would also pass mavlink info

It will in the form of OSD data overlayed on the video signal. If that is all you are after you don’t need the SiK radio but those have other important roles such as setup, configuration and tuning. It’s typical to have both a telemetry radio of some type (Sik, Wifi, BT) and a video transmitter. Assuming FPV capability for the later of course.

Thanks all thats what i thought buT wasn’t sure if a fpv transmitter would do the mavlink just trying to save some weight and cost.

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